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Fantasy Football Pool

Fantasy Football Pool

Learn how to build a football pool, determine which side to win, and how to split the pot. Organizing a football pool to participate in large-scale matches is very common, especially the Super Bowl. Whether you are hosting a football party, or just organizing an office football pool, you can find what you need. 

What is a football swimming pool?

 MSN Encarta defines a type of gambling as a form of gambling in which participants (usually colleagues) bet on the results of college, university or professional football matches. The collected bets are pooled among the winners. There are many ways to build a football swimming pool. The following is a very simple implementation: Decide the charge per square meter. Usually $1.00 per square pot is $100.00. Decide how you pay for the pot. The most common is to pay a fee at the end of each quarter. You can decide what percentage of the pot to pay each time. For example, 25% after the first quarter, 25% after the second quarter, and so on until 100% of the pot payment is paid. Decide how to determine the winner. A very common method is to use the “last number” method. Basically, you can use the last number of each team score and find where these numbers intersect on the grid. If you are not familiar with this method, describe it more thoroughly in the free e-book provided in the author box below. If you can see the sample grid attached to the e-book, it will be easier to understand. Now that the decision has been made, a football pool grid is printed (usually an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet, 100 squares, which can be filled with names). If you need it, the free e-book provided in the author box below includes a blank football pool table (plus full instructions). “Sell” squares on the grid until all 100 squares are filled with buyer names. Buyers can purchase multiple blocks. After filling all the squares with names, draw numbers that will be filled along the top and left side of the grid. Create 10 small squares of paper, and then write a number (zero to 9) on each paper. Divide 10 squares and place it in the cap. Select someone to draw one number at a time, and then fill them at the top from left to right. Fold them up and do the same for the left side, top to bottom. After completion, the numbers will be arranged in random order.

Enjoy the game and pay the pot to decide.

 The football swimming pool is easy to set up and fun for participants. Why don’t you organize one for your next football party? It’s all about the flavor of work, and work together with colleagues to build an office football pool?

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